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I have recaived my diploma (B.S.) in Computer Science in 2005 from the University of Maryland at College Park. The program was ranked 13th in the United States at the time.

During school I learned multiple programming languages (like C, C++, Java, Perl, Bash, etc..). I studied in detail: discrete structures, algorithms, computer organization, data structures, computer and network security, and database design. I also got experience with real life project management, and as a final project, I wrote a Java based web scraper that collected all kinds of publicly available information about all previous FIFA World Cups (like: names of teams and players; numbers and times of goals, yellow, and red cards; and not least, results and dates of games). The software run on itself, checked and corrected errors, and loaded the database through an XML interface.

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At Maryland I got infected with the ideology of the Open Source movement, and I could not heal from it since - and I don't even want that! ;-)




angelAfter college I got a Java developer job at a busy startup providing hosted interactive voice response solutions to its customers. During my 5 years at the company I have seen a lot of growth - from net loss to $12M+ net profit, from 50 people to 150 people, from 10k calls to 300k calls a day. After the first 2 years I got my own project to develop a data warehouse and remove analitical data from the production system. During this time I learned JavaScript, Ruby, the Pentaho suite, Microstrategy, JBoss, Java J2EE and Web Services, Oracle, and MySQL. At some point in my career, I got experience with all the roles necessary to build a successful implementation of a data warehouse (data profiling, star schema database design, architecture, ETL, data quality, metadata management, error handling, report design, performance tuning, etc...). After 3 years of work, mostly from my home office, I released the reporting system to our customers. Read more about my business intelligence and data warehousing philosophy here. Or watch the promotional video about the reporting system below.

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Next I started consulting other startups about building new data warehouses and business intelligence systems. Industries included e-commerce and telecommunications. During these years I got experience with the full system design and communication with business stakeholders.

joomlaWhile I was consulting these companies I got some free time and started some web development for an online community - I learned setting up and handling Joomla, and created sites like:, or

I am currently working on many other websites, like a web shop, a permaculture design documentation site, and a site for Soil Food Web data.

I am always open for discussing new opportunities. If interested, please use the Contact Form.