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University of Maryland

  Computer Science

   Introduction to C Programming

   Computer Science I


   Computer Science II


   Discrete Structures

    Predicate Logic
    Number Theory
    Mathematical Induction
    Graph Theory

   Organization of Programming Languages

    Scripting Languages
    Regular Expressions
    Functional Programming
    Garbage Collection and Memory Management


     Growth of Functions
     Graphs and Trees

   Computer Organization

    Assembly Language
    Design of Digital Logical Circuits
    Organization of CPUs
     Instruction Sets
     Register Transfer Operations
     Control Microprogramming
     Data Representation
    Memory and I/O organization

   Data Structures

    AVL Tree
    Binary Search Tree
    B+ Tree
    PM Quad Tree

   Computational Methods


   Computer and Network Security

    System Security
    Network Security Principles
    Application Level Security

   Database Design

    Relational Model
    Logical Database Design
    Query Languages
    Concurrency Control
    Transaction Management
    Log Based Crash Recovery

   Software Engineering

    Version Control
    Real Client


    Calculus I.

    Calculus II

    Calculus III.

   Applied Probability and Statistics

   Linear Algebra

   Differential Equations for Engineers

   Introduction to Statistical Computing with SAS

   Applications of Linear Algebra

   Introduction to Number Theory

   Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries

Practical Experiences


  MicroStrategy (MSTR)

   Learn MSTR Product

   Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

   Java Developer


     Java Beans

     Web Services





   Data Warehouse Engineer

    Requirements Gathering

    Data Discovery


     Data Model


     Data Quality

     ETL Implementation

     ETL Support



      ETL Quality

 Independent consultant

  Data Warehouse Consultant

   Remote Work Overseas

   Requirements Gathering

   Evaluate Solutions

   Recommend Best Practices

   Implement Bare Bone ETL

    Automatic Setup

    Configurable Quality Checks

    Automated Metadata Collection


Data Migration Specialist

Migrated a complex Oracle/Informatica stack to Greenplum/Talend

Reworked stored procedures and views to ETL jobs

Investigated the logic in undocumented messy code

  Web Developer

Personal projects

Web scraping


 Version Control






  Screen Cast





  MySQL Workbench













   Reporting Essentials

   Project Design

   Intelligence Server Administration

   Analytics for Architect Developers


   Data Integration Fundamentals

   Installation and Administration

   Report Design

 Project Management



 Data Quality

  Talend Open Studio

 Software Development

  IntelliJ IDEA


 Programming Languages









 Content Management


 Operating Systems





 Project Management



 Data Warehouse



 The Life in Startups

 Pareto Principle

 Prefer Planning Over Firefighting